As mobile telecommunications continue to dominate how the world connects, especially in developing countries, we take pride in our extensive know-how acquired over years of implementing telecom infrastructure projects.
No matter what model your business is ready to adopt we can accompany you in a successful implementation

Mobile Infrastructure Sharing

Cost of Deployment remains the major hurdle to deploying a mobile infrastructure, especially in rural areas or marginal markets.  Our experience with Mobile infrastructure sharing indicates that it offers an effective way of mitigating such costs while leveling out the playing field between competitors who cannot resort to anti-competitive tactics, and must rely on competing on services offered.

Passive Sharing

  • Physical Space/Assets Sharing
  • Simple to Implement
  • Minimal Cost
  • Separate Networks

Active Sharing

  • Active Layer Elements Sharing
  • Mobile Roaming
  • Most suitable model selection MORAN, MOCN…

Our experts will help you figure out which of the two main categories of mobile infrastructure sharing works best for you at your current maturity stage.

Other Telecom Sharing Elements